Sports Live Streams
All Eyes On Your Business: Stream 400,000+ Events from the Industry's Largest Portfolio

Our partners know a thing or two about keeping viewers' attention: using our live streaming content, they get over 250 million views a month. Imagine what that could do for your customer turnover and engagement.

Live streaming is a game changer. Who wants to watch words and numbers scrolling up and down when they could be immersed in the action?

It'll help you pull in the sport fans, then give them a complete live streaming experience that'll keep them coming back and build their love for your brand.

You won't find a larger - or broader - video streaming rights portfolio anywhere else.

And thanks to our Live Coverage and Live Data Visualization, available for each of our video streams, you can make the most of it.

What You'll Get?

  • Perfect fit: a streaming rights portfolio built specifically for fantasy sports, managed and constantly updated by our experts.
  • More live video streaming content than anywhere else: streams from over 400,000 live events a year across 16 sports.
  • Smooth integration: set up once for access to all events, and easily add new leagues and sports with our AV API.
  • Amazing speed: low latency signal for the best possible live streaming setup.
  • Global coverage: live sports to watch and engage with any time of day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


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