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Why Does Your Sports Website Need SEO?

The sports industry belongs to the most competitive sectors in the network. Every year new stores offering sports equipment, accessories or clothing emerge on the market. The trend towards a healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly the factor that positively influences the sports industry, including the sale of sportswear, footwear, or other goods.

Sports and recreation industries incorporate all accessories for exercising, sports equipment, fitness as well as sportswear and footwear, therefore their potential is very promising. Apart from that, all sorts of sporting events, promotion of active lifestyle, and influencers present on social media are a real driving force in this sector. That's why an effective sports SEO strategy is essential if you run an online store and operate in the industry.

Sports SEO Essentials - How Do Users Search for Sports Products?

Searching for sports products, especially these professional ones, is based on long-tail keywords. Above all, such phrases aren't so highly competitive and using them makes it easier to be ranked in TOP 10. Very often, apart from the model and the name of a manufacturer of a given product, customers decide to enter more precise descriptions such as "Shimano Disc Brake 6 Screws 160mm". Thus, while doing SEO for sports websites you should take into account long-tail keyword which contain details concerning the size and specification of the product. So for example, focusing only on general keywords like "the disc brake" or "Shimano disc brake" may generate traffic in the top of the sales funnel, but it's the long-tail keyword "Shimano Disc Brake 6 Screws 160mm" that's more likely to be sold. You should also bear in mind that selling a wide range of products dedicated to various sports and using general keywords during the SEO process equals competing with the biggest manufacturers.

Factors That Increase Your Conversion Rate

High conversion rate is the real objective of every online store. Conversion rate is simply about users performing the actions desired by business owners, such as adding a product to the shopping cart, making a purchase or clicking on the contact tab. Factors that may affect the assumed conversion rate include:

  • A user-friendly and intuitive website.
  • Simple navigation.
  • Functionality of the shopping cart.
  • An appealing product range.
  • High quality photos as well as extensive.
  • Detailed and at the same time unique product descriptions.
  • Seasonal sales and special offers.
  • CTA (properly designed buttons that call to action).


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