Sports Data Services
Do More with Your Data

Collect better data. Create better content. Engage your sponsors and fans.

Our data partnership model covers every step in the data value chain, from developing a tailor-made collection system to commercializing your sports data.

What We Do?

  • Make the most of custom-built data collection systems for more than 20 sports.
  • Bring your data to life on video, social media, or digitally with the best data visualization tools on the market.
  • Unlock new revenue streams by commercializing entirely new customer data points.
  • Get data directly from the stadium in less than one second.
  • Take your pick of data from over 800,000+ events a year.

What to Expect?

  • Proven to give you the fastest data access/retrieval, with the fewest errors, and least down-time.
  • Unrivalled data depth to support more sports markets and predictive analytics than any competitor in our industry.
  • Most sophisticated security for live data and statistics production.
  • Setting industry standards for data artificial intelligence, journalist recruitment, training, and integrity systems.
  • Data distributed with AWS, so it's low latency, robust, and 100% reliable.


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