Sports Data API
All the Sports Data You Need for Your Business

Reliable. Comprehensive. Real-time.

That's our data in a nutshell. Get it for your in-house trading with both our Sports Data API Service and Real Time Sportscast (RTS).

Our Sports Data API Service isn't just the most accurate out there: it's also the fastest, with data taking less than a second to go from the venue to you. Plus you get a customizable widget-based trading interface, with all the features you need to boost your in-play trading. And best of all: Our data API infrastructure is built on Global Cloud Technology with AWS. For you this means access to even faster data, reduced disruptions, and latency. It's this resiliency that makes it leading.

What to Expect?

  • Proven to give you the fastest data access/retrieval, with the fewest errors, and least down-time.
  • Unrivalled data depth to support more sports markets and predictive analytics than any competitor in our industry.
  • Most sophisticated security for live data and statistics production.
  • Setting industry standards for data artificial intelligence, journalist recruitment, training, and integrity systems.
  • Data distributed with AWS, so it's low latency, robust, and 100% reliable.


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